Hello, and thank you for your interest in Spoke City Writing. My name is Becca Downs, currently the one-woman show behind the name. SCW began as a passion project for me. Professionally, I’ve experienced the world of education as an English teacher at Lawrence North High School in Indianapolis and as a tutor in Silicon Valley. I’ve worked in public relations and media relations, and am a published poet (I studied Creative Writing in undergrad and poetry is one of my deepest joys). My personal goal with SCW has been to establish a space where my interests could grow and help others.

Currently, Spoke City Writing hosts a virtual open mic poetry reading every Tuesday from 6pm-8pm on Instagram (@SpokeCityWriting). This new tradition stemmed from COVID-19 causing the shutdown of most in-person activities, including open mic nights. Every week on Monday I provide a writing exercises on Instagram and Twitter (@SpokeCityTweets) for inspiration. This is also a great resource for teachers seeking creative writing prompts.

Additionally, I’ve begun offering freelance services for a variety of tasks in my professional wheelhouse, including writing press releases and blog posts, and managing social media for businesses. I’m proud to work with IU Ventures and Nine Irish Brothers – Indianapolis, as well as individual clients seeking miscellaneous writing-related aid. Going forward, I am looking into opening my tutoring services as well.

If you are interested in hiring my services or learning more, feel free to check out the “Services” page, or find my contact information on the “Contact” page.

Thanks again for your interest–it’s a joy to write for and with you all.

— Becca

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